MODULAR AIR HANDLING UNIT- Cụm xử lý không khí- Mô đun AHU

Kingair patented air handing unit structure with tenon and double pillar is our new most innovative air handling unit (AHU) product that is specially designed as a solution to overcome various kind of AHU weakness in the market. All metal elements in the cabinet are isolated by the PU foaming and the new designed rubber rib seal whose function is to eliminate thermal bridge. The structural and inner outer plate with the high density polyurethane foam form an entirety, the two structural have tightened together by bolts & nuts fastening and then sealed up with a rubber seal, had given a good air leakage solution of the unit, air leakage only 0.16%. The panel side frame patented design structure, connected by tennon and double pillar which ensure the support strength of the cabinet.

Kingair patented frame air handling unit posess complete function and has easy and flexible sections combination, air volume range from 1000 ~ 300000m3/h. It is widely applied in hotel, stadium, exhibition hall, office, metro, air port and etc. It can also be specially designed for medicine, electronic, textile, tobacco, and food industry and chemicals application project.

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