This product range is mainly constructed by electrical driven screw compressor, high efficiency heat exchanger and advanced throttle device etc., not only can be used to provide cooling capacity for the centralize air conditioning system and industrial application, but also can supply hot water according to customer’s requirement. It’s fully reflecting the function of multi-usage.

Kingair flooded type water screw chiller applies reliable screw compressor and new advanced heat exchanger, its COP 5.4 reduce the operation cost effectively. It also contributes the friendly environment and great energy saving. This chiller model’s screw compressor design is with high efficiency, low noise level and less wear and tear components. The screw compressor normally does not perform the imbalance inertia force phenomenon (normally happen in reciprocating compressor) and also without unit surging (low load) and low operating efficiency problem (found in centrifugal compressor). Thus, the unit can be used to perform in wide range of heating load.

Kingair screw water chiller not only have strong bonding combination structure but also provide environment energy saving and intelligent control advantages. It is also widely used for hotel, restaurant, school, theater, commercial center, office block, condominium, etc. And more importantly, it can be applied for nuclear plant station, plastic injection molding, and precision cooling. Thus with the higher and higher standard of nation building energy saving regulation, Kingair chiller will be more well accepted in the market.

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