KMS series Modular Heat Pump is central air conditioner unit with air as cooling (heating) source and water as cooling (heating) medium. As integrated unit both using cooling and heating source, unit applied modular design and mutually independent modules can go with any combination and centrally controlled by microcomputer. Unit can start or shut relevant module according to changes of unit load, in order to flexibly control cooling (heating) output and effectively save energy. Unit can add with heat recovery system (optional), so that while cooling operation, it can recover condensing water heat and supply hot water as high as 65degC.

Unit applied high quality refrigerant self-control components imported from world famous manufacturer, and has gone through system match and optimum design with advanced control technology, and it has become one of the most reliable, energy saving, environment friendly, and quiet units. Kingair boast test libratory certified by CNAS, and every unit is ensured good quality and performance through strict testing before dispatched.

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