SCREW BRINE CHILLER - Máy làm lạnh giải nhiệt nước hoạt đông tại nhiệt độ âm sâu

Screw Brine Chiller This product range is mainly constructed by electrical driven screw compressor, high efficiency heat exchanger and advanced throttle device etc., used to provide high quality medium and low temperature cooling capacity for technological process.

Kingair low temperature screw chiller applies screw compressor and new advance heat exchanger, its high COP reduces the operation cost efficiently. It also contributes the friendly environmental and great energy saving. This chiller model’s screw compressor design is not only with high efficiency, low noise level and less wear and tear components but also with high reliability and guarantee for production.

Kingair low temperature screw chiller not only has a strong bonding combination structure but also provide environment energy saving and intelligent control advantages. It is also widely used for medical industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, food and drinks industry and artificial environment.

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